Immersive / science / sound / ​​​​​​​light / art
Unique hybrid art project, which reflects a modern scientific paradigm in futuristic art vision. Multimedia installation demonstrates the transformation of light into complex three-dimensional moving forms synchronized with multichannel sound, which creates the spectacular scene of distant galaxies, disconnecting the attention from context reality and immersing into intuitive perception of extraterrestrial experience. The laser ray splitting point in the darkness symbolizes the awareness of the bases of the universe at the moment of transition to the digital age. 
"Enlightenment" is a laureate of Opline Prize 2022: International award in digital contemporary art in Paris, France.
Brave! Factory is a festival of electronic music and arts that takes place annually at an abandoned factory. The unique line-up unites musicians, artists and music lovers from all over the world. Brave! Factory Festival is a festival of independent music and new media & digital art culture that was created on the basis of a working manufactory. Festival goers can expect six stages, each representing a different genre of music and modern art. Alongside live performances and exhibitions, the audience can choose between concerts with a number of instruments and immersive art shows. BRAVE: The festival of brave music & digital culture.

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