Immersive / science / sound / ​​​​​​​light / art
Unique hybrid art project, which reflects a modern scientific paradigm in futuristic art vision. Multimedia installation demonstrates the transformation of light into complex three-dimensional moving forms synchronized with multichannel sound, which creates the spectacular scene of distant galaxies, disconnecting the attention from context reality and immersing into intuitive perception of extraterrestrial experience. The laser ray splitting point in the darkness symbolizes the awareness of the bases of the universe at the moment of transition to the digital age. ​​​​​​​
Spectator can look to the night sky and ponder our connection to its stars and the possibilities of life beyond what we can see, explore the void and yet contemplate how precious and finite our own lives are amidst the infinity that lies beyond our world. Space serves as a reminder of our insignificance and our potential as a species, driving us to at once be both more humble and more determined in our endeavors. Through the harmonious blend of art, science, and contemplation, "Enlightenment" invites viewers to transcend the confines of earthly existence and embrace a broader perspective. The project takes us on a  journey, inspiring to explore the depths of our own curiosity and to embrace the infinite possibilities of our consciousness, immersing us in a sense of true reality and anticipation of the future. It is a captivating exploration of the relationship between man and the cosmos, inspiring a profound sense of wonder and connection with the grandeur of the universe.
"Enlightenmentis a laureate of Opline Prize 2022: International award in digital contemporary art in Paris, France.
Futur en Seine, the biggest European festival dedicated to digital innovation, takes place each year in French capital. The festival offers a profusion of events related to digital culture from tech demos to exhibitions and concerts taking place in the heart of Paris. For more then 10 Years, FUTUR.E.S. is one of the flagship events on the French & European Tech Scene. Created by Cap Digital, Futur.e.s is the voice of a next generation large team of the international conference & festival, that is committed to innovation: start-ups, industrialists, universities, schools, designers, artists who share a common vision of the future. This is the beating heart of Futur.e.s: innovative projects rigorously selected for their emerging, sustainable, innovative character and their technological excellence, are presented in frames of the festival program.

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