Size: 2 x 0,5m, Materials: Glossy white plastic plexiglas, shells of bullets 
ornamental dna
Winner of the contemporary art competition It's LIQUID International Contest 4th edition in the category "Sculpture & Installation" Venice, Italy
The series of installations that investigates the problem of coexistence of an individual and society and how they form a single social body. "Annual report" is the project-image of the transitional phase as the natural state of society, the time slices, the reflection of the actual state of things from a distance, in which the individual position of each individual detail, each individual story fits into a common picture. Shimmering rows of golden sleeves are collected in a well-ordered picture and give us the impression of a coherent plurality. The optical glance of the author reveals the interconnections and interactions of all events, the consequences of which diverge like circles on the water.
Each individual sleeve is a person, while the general picture is the image of the collective, family, society and state. All elements-individuals are inextricably linked together by a common goal, forming a causal relationship. The project "aligns" all the individual elements, summing them in a certain mediocre holistic image since its ultimate goal is to define a certain collective result, the result of achievements and errors of collective activity - the Annual Report.​​​​​​​

It's LIQUID International Contest 2017  
Series of installations "Meta Analytics Annual Report" by Evgenius is the winner of the international art competition in the category "Best Sculpture and Installation". ITSLIQUID International Contest – international art competition, developed in partnership with a professional jury of renowned curators, gallerists, architects, fashion designers, high-level experts and important professionals of the art, architecture,design and fashion worlds.
VOLTA BASEL Art Fair  ​​​​​​​
VOLTA BASEL Art Fair is one of the biggest worlds international art fairs in Switzerland. VOLTA began in 2005 and became a key player in the Basel art scene for connecting engaged collectors with international artists and their works, creating a proper environment for this connection. The fair was established with the intention of providing a foundational platform for dynamic galleries and artists seeking participation in the art world’s major events. At the art fair Evgenius Syn has presented the artworks form his series Time Files / Anthracite C6.


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