Unique hybrid art project, which reflects a modern scientific paradigm in futuristic art vision. Multimedia installation demonstrates the transformation of light into complex three-dimensional moving forms synchronized with multichannel sound, which creates the spectacular scene of distant galaxies, disconnecting the attention from context reality and immersing into artificial perception of extraterrestrial experience. The laser ray splitting point in the darkness symbolizes the awareness of the bases of the universe at the moment of transition to the digital age. 
"Enlightenment" by Evgenius is a laureate of Opline Prize 2022: International award in digital contemporary art in Paris, France.
Live performance and multimedia outdoor installation "Enlightenment / Pyramidl: flamma intus" is a hybrid architectural composition, which consists of one large and twelve small white pyramids & multichannel sound installation. Placed in the green area of the historical city center, contrasting and complementing the natural landscape of the surrounding area. The sound design of the artwork reflects the idea that the snore in the big pyramid and sounds of animals in the small are the symbols of the civilization falling into the dream.
The Greek translation, "pyramid" means “fire inside”. Ancient pyramids were constructed in places of concentration by fire. They had been intended to become the spiritual centers of a civilization. The installation in the city environment “Fire inside” consists of pyramids - which are the symbol of the form and the content, a body and the soul. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
SYN Art Group​​​​​​​ / Author: Evgenius Syn,  Sound design: Zavoloka
FUTURE LANDSCAPES Borders Art Fair 2023 in Venice
ENLIGHTENMENT PYRAMIDL presented at Future Landscapes - International Art & Architecture Show, that takes place in Venice at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello in collaboration with ACIT Venice - Italian-German Cultural Association during the 18th Venice Biennale of Architecture, presenting a selection of architects and artists, whose works will focus on AI and the impact of it on contemporary architecture and art. In frames of event, the topic of Future Landscapes is explored through the immersive artworks of selected international artists, who envision a world where human creativity knows no boundaries. The artworks, exhibited at the stunning Venetian Palazzo, will reflect our innate desire to shape our surroundings and create extraordinary future spaces that harmoniously blend with nature.

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