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Evgenius Syn is an experimental transdisciplinary contemporary artist, curator, researcher and founder of SYN Art Group. The artist works in the field of science-, light-, sound-, new media-, experimental- and hybrid art. His work explores cultural implications and philosophical dimensions of modern technologies, focusing on questions of nature and evolution of civilization. His task is to expand the imagination of mankind about reality, representing the academic vision of the concept of visual art in the aesthetics of modern times, capturing the process of change of the paradigm and creating an elegant form of transition from classical art to the art of the future. Main message and goal, due to the changes in the paradigm, is to expand mankind's ideas about itself, space, nature and its phenomena and to be an attentive witness of a change of the eras. The artworks are marked by a special optical idea: it’s sharp and distinctive look of a talented and profound author, who has a individual philosophical vision. All his projects organically combine natural and technologized principles.
In 2023 the artist became the laureate and participant of ISEA2023: 28th International Symposium on Electronic Art in Paris, France and participant of MADATAC XII International Biennial of New Digital Media Art in Madrid, Spain. In 2022 the artist became the laureate of the OPLINEPRIZE International: Prize in Digital Contemporary Art in Paris, France, nominated by curator Nils Aziosmanoff - president of the centre of digital creation Le Cube Garges. In 2017 the author became a winner of "The best Sculpture and Installation" category of It's LIQUID International Contest 4th edition in Italy. He also became the participant of the largest European festival of digital arts & innovations FUTUR EN SEINE 2017, was opening the season of the digital art centre Le CUBE with a science art project “Enlightenment“, was taking part at the international conference FICEP: Semaine des cultures étrangères / 17e édition and festival of digital arts ROUXTEUR in Paris. In 2010 the artist became a laureate of the art competition AUDI Design Week. Also the author is the participant of the digital and media arts festivals: The New Wrong Digital Art Biennale in Sao Paulo (Brazil), DREAM CATCHER Art Festival in Miami (USA), BRAVE! International Electronic Art Festival. With his artworks he became an active participant of international art fairs: VOLTA Basel Art Fair in Switzerland, London Contemporary in UK, Rome International Art Fair in Italy. The artist is the finalist of the Pinchuk Art Prize 2009. In 2008 Evgenius created SYN Art Group - an art collective of experimental artists. 
Selected events & exhibitions:
The first festival dedicated to artistic creation in augmented reality and immersive cultural innovations. Group exhibition of selected digital artists as part of ISEA2023 Symbiosis lab - a virtual reality tour of the augmented catalog, including the exhibition hall with "Photosynthesis Symbiosis" by Evgenius. Grand Palais Éphémère (Paris, France)
ISEA 2023 28th International Symposium on Electronic Art
"Photosynthesis Symbiosis" by Evgenius is a laureate of ISEA 2023 in Paris - a major event on the global electronic art scene for professionals from cultural and creative industries, which is co-organized by Le Cube Garges and the École des Arts Décoratifs - Paris and takes place at the Forum des images in Paris, as well as through an artistic program spread out in about 50 partner cultural venues (Paris, France)
MADATAC XII Biennale of New Digital Media Art
Biennale and Museum of New Digital Media Art, presenting virtual reality, immersive interactive experiences, a crossbreed and hybrid international program of audiovisual, digital, new media art and contemporary technologies that values innovation, originality and creative art projects. Presentation of the project "Enlightenment" (Madrid, Spain)
International Art & Architecture Fair, that takes place in Venice at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello at the time of the 18th Venice Biennale of Architecture, presenting a selection of architects and artists, whose works will focus on AI and its impact. Presentation of multimedia outdoor hybrid urbanistic architectural composition - installation "Enlightenment / Pyramidl" (Venice, Italy)
OPLINE PRIZE Prize in Digital Contemporary Art
Evgenius is the laureate of OPLINEPRIZE#14, nominated by Nils Aziosmanoff - founding president of the digital creation center Le CUBE and curator of the prize. This is the 1st international award in digital contemporary art, which for fourteen years is playing a major role on the art scene by awarding a prize for artists of all generations and all cultures (Paris, France)​​​​​​​
Contemporary art fair that presents collective and solo projects by leading and emerging international artists. The forum for the direct exchange of ideas and contacts between collectors, artists, photographers, designers and art professionals. Presentation of the project “Enlightenment / The Temple”  (Rome, Italy)
International art fair that presents collective and solo projects by international artists. Organized by ITSLIQUID Group in collaboration with YMX Arts, will be held in London, at THE LINE Contemporary Art Space (London, UK)
Art-residence at La Maison Bruneau - new artistic place in Paris, which was the private house of French composer Alfred Bruneau. The residence in frames of SYN Art Group in collaboration with contemporary electronic sound artist Digity, work on the project "Enlightenment" (Paris, France)
LE CUBE Centre de création numérique 
The first digital creation center in France. It explores and crosses new artistic, scientific and citizen territories with four main activities: digital art, education, foresight and training. At the art centre Evgenius held a residence and a professional meeting with students and presented immersive multimedia project "Enlightenment / The Temple" at the opening of the season of the center Le Cube (Paris, France)
ROUXTEUR Festival des cultures numériques 
Festival of digital & new media art, music and electronic culture, which presents an experimental and innovative program of projects with unique scenographic and visual identity.​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​In frames of the festival Evgenius held a residence and presented immersive multimedia project "Enlightenment / Astra", Mains d’Œuvres CAC (Paris, France) 
FICEP Forum des Instituts Culturels Étrangers à Paris  
Semaine des cultures étrangères "Digital et Réalité Virtuelle" - official presentation of Ukraine: project "Enlightenment / Red Flower" in frames of the program Cultural Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Centre Culturel d'Ukraine en France (Paris, France) ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
One of the biggest worlds international art fairs in Switzerland. At the art fair Evgenius has presented his new installations: "Ornamental" of "Annual Report" series, "Anthracite C6" and "The Concept" of "Time Files" series for engaged collectors and audience. VOLTA BASEL (Basel, Switzerland)​​​​​​​
FUTUR EN SEINE Le festival de l’innovation numérique
Futur en Seine - the biggest European festival & conference, dedicated to digital innovation. Exhibited projects are selected for their emerging, sustainable, innovative character and their technological excellence. In frames of the festival Evgenius presented immersive multimedia project "Enlightenment / The Temple", La Capela (Paris, France)
THE WRONG Digital Art Biennale 
An international biggest digital art biennale - exhibition awarded with SOIS Cultura 2019 and an honorific mention by European Commission S+T+ARTS 2020 prize. Project "Enlightenment", Square Waves Virtual Pavilion & Homeostasis Lab Virtual Pavilion (São Paulo, Brazil)
It's LIQUID International Contest 4th edition
Evgenius is the Winner of the international art competition in the category "Best Sculpture and Installation" with the series of installations "Annual Report / Meta Analytics". ITSLIQUID International Contest – international art contest open to artists, architects, designers and fashion designers from all over the world (Venice, Italy)​​​​​​​
ALCHEMIC BODY Fire.Air.Water.Earth 
International contemporary installation, video-art, photography, painting and performance art festival. The exhibition is focused on the concept of transformation. Project "Enlightenment / The Temple" presentation, Laura Haber Gallery  (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
LIQUID ROOMS ​​​​​​​The Labyrinth International Art Show 
Large-scale exhibition is a part of the official program of Venice Carnival 2017, happening in Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi - a residential palace dating back to the 16th century which and is one of the most evocative and beautiful palaces in the city of Venice. In frames of the official program presentation of project "Enlightenment / The Labyrinth" (Venice, Italy)
IN THE LIMBO Art residence Paris 
Art residence and participation in international group exhibition. It is the combination of several exhibition realities, the empty space in which the art program is established as temporary unique exhibition. Presentation of the project "Top Secret Room/ Exploading Men", 1rueTraversière ArtSpace (Paris, France)​​​​​​​
BRAVE! Electronic Art Festival 
Brave! is a festival of new media & digital art culture and independent music that was created on the basis of a working factory. The unique line-up unites artists, musicians and modern art lovers from all over the world. At the festival  Evgenius presented immersive multimedia project "Enlightenment / Blue Giants" 
LA FARM Art residence Paris 
Art residence and exhibition at La FarM - an old historical French architectural culture building turned into a center of contemporary art. Presentation of the multimedia art project "Enlightenment" (Paris, France)
F.A.C.E. OF ART FACE Foundation
International art exhibition and conference of the heads of art institutions, curators, artists, critics and other professionals of contemporary art and culture, dedicated to research and development of the future art scene of Europe, organized by F.A.C.E. Foundation​​​​​​​. Evgenius presented an immersive multimedia project "Enlightenment / The Temple" ​​​​​​​
BALANCE Forbes Art-Project 
"Balance" - large-scale fresco, created for the project "Forbes. The concept of the artwork and the exhibition reflects the idea of humanity's main dream today and always: the dream of peace and unity of human civilization. The work is created by a unique author's technique
An annual festival which takes place at Black Square Gallery, representing young promising artists from around the world to art collectors, critics and art lovers, who come to Miami for Art Basel Miami Week,  Black Square Gallery (Miami, USA)
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