Materials: Glossy white plastic Plexiglas, anthracite; author's technique

time files C6
Unique project that explores and demonstrates the archetypes of informational architecture patterns: sound wave (graph/chart), text document, numerical sequence, binary code and data tables (matrix), as a way of transmitting information beyond the temporal and cultural contexts and structuring cascades of meta-data in the digital era. The perception of informational architecture archetypes holds profound significance for the development of civilization and technology in our age. Mind's inherent ability to grasp these archetypes fosters seamless interactions with digital interfaces, driving technological advancements that shape our modern world.
The optimization of informational architecture enhances cognitive efficiency, allowing individuals to process vast amounts of data effortlessly. The perception intuitively grasps the underlying organizational principles, allowing individuals to navigate and interpret complex structures with remarkable ease. The intricate interplay of lines, shapes and patterns in these archetypes stimulates associatives processes, triggering a sense of familiarity and coherence. This innate connection between the mind and informational architecture patterns suggests an inherent harmony, where the brain seamlessly weaves together disparate elements into a unified whole. The harmonious interaction between the mind and informational archetypes catalyzes the development of civilization and technology. Its impact on user experience, creativity, and cognitive potential opened a new era of progress and innovation.
The project embodies the aesthetics of conceptual hyper-minimalism: these artworks are white glossy leaves, on which are presented fragments of anthracite of various sizes. This is a symbol of a message that transcends the time and each viewer will "read" it in their own way, regardless of the language of communication and cultural contexts. C6 is the serial number of carbon. At 98% anthracite consists of carbon, which is the basis of organic chemistry and one of the most abundant elements in the universe. Working with fragments of coal, as with letters and words, numbers and proportions, forming anthracite “texts” and “tables”, the author emphasizes the communicative value of our environment and invites to dive into a study that recreates the supernatural experience of passing through the labyrinth file system of the time: as if civilization itself tells its story to the viewer, destroying the sense of belonging and attachment, blurring the clear line between the physical and the imaginary, the personal and the collective.

Time files C6 work in progress:
The artist, like a jeweler, works with a palette of sizes of anthracite fragments, forming archetypal patterns of informational messages. Each fragment is a remnant of forests fossilized 300-400 million years ago - this is a metaphor for the files of information from the archives of our planet's memory, telling us the story of the transformation of life. ​​​​​​​
Evgenius Syn works in his studio:
VOLTA BASEL Art Fair is one of the biggest worlds international art fairs in Switzerland. VOLTA began in 2005 and became a key player in the Basel art scene for connecting engaged collectors with international artists and their works, creating a proper environment for this connection. The fair was established with the intention of providing a foundational platform for dynamic galleries and artists seeking participation in the art world’s major events. At the art fair Evgenius Syn has presented the artworks form his series Time Files / Anthracite C6.
Dream Catcher II is an annual festival which takes place at Black Square Gallery in Miami, USA. The festival was founded in 2010 by Black Square Gallery team to represent selected artists from around the world to collectors, critics and all art lovers who come to Miami for Art Basel Miami Week. Dream Catcher's list of participants is not the result of a competition or open call. The festival team invites the artists they collaborated already with in frames of the previous exhibitions, fairs and art festivals. Dream Catcher's program includes the presentation of two artworks by Evgenius Syn from the series Anthracite / X - Files.

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